Next Generation Facebook Ads

Hotel Facebook AdsFacebook is testing a new feature in Facebook ads that could be very attractive to Hoteliers. Their new ads target people based on the information provided in status updates.

This program, which is still in Beta testing to only 1% of Facebook users, delivers targeted ads based on the real time comments of the Facebook user.  Until now, Facebook ads have not been an effective tool for an individual hotel property.  This creates a significant opportunity.  For example, if you are a hotel in Miami your ad could appear to a Facebook user after they enter, “Planning my Miami vacation”.  The ability to reach potential guests as they start their travel planning process is exciting.

Unfortunately the program is still in testing so we will have to wait to test it’s effectiveness.  For more information about the testing check out:

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7 Ideas to Improve Facebook Posts

Hotel Facebook MarketingIn an interesting article,blogger Brian Solis examined research done by social scientist Dan Zarrella on Facebook posts.  He revealed statistical trends among posts that have been “liked” on Facebook.  Keep these factors in mind and you will improve the engagement and visibility of your Facebook efforts.

1. Write at a 5th grade level or below.  In general, the more complex your writing the less likely it is to be “Liked”

2. Include digits in the title (Top 3 or 7 Ideas).  People respond to titles with numbers in them.

3. Post your best information on Saturday or Sunday.  More Facebook users “Like” items on the weekend.  They may have more time to spend reviewing content or, with workplace restrictions, this may be their best chance to spend time on the site.

4. Include these words in your title: top, first, best  or video.

5. Do NOT include these words in your title: vs, apps, review.

6. Include verbs in your title.  Titles with action perform much better.

7. Be Positive.  Posts with positive sentiment are more likely to be shared.

Keep these easy factors in mind and you will see a better response from your efforts.  For more detail on the research check out Brian’s full article.

Facebook Expected to be #1 in Display Ads

Facebook Strategy For HotelseMarketer predicts that in 2011 Facebook will leap to the front of the online display advertising industry passing Yahoo for the largest share of that market.  Yahoo has long dominated online display.   This change is a significant shift and yet another signal of the emerging commercial power of social media.

Hotel Facebook Strategy

Source: eMarketer

The eMarketer research shows the astronomical rise of Facebook  as they almost doubled their display ad market share from 2009 to 2010.  That growth is expected to continue at the same pace in 2011, finally slowing in 2012.  It is also worth noting that Google, long dominant in search advertising, is also gaining significant display market share and should surpass Yahoo in 2012.

What does this mean for your hotel?  Facebook advertising still has limited opportunities at the property level.  However, this trend shows how Facebook is maturing and now offers a real opportunity to connect with customers.  If you have not started a Facebook page for your property, now is the time to think about getting started.

4 Tips For Proper Twitter Hash Tags

Hotel Twitter StrategyTwitter has proven itself powerful enough to change the world.  A critical element in getting your tweets found is the Twitter hash tag.  Here are 4 hash tag best practices from

1. Only Use Hashtagging as Directed: Hash tags should be used to categorize the topics or subjects you are talking about. Period

2. Try Not To stuff Too Many Hash Tags Into Your Tweets: Try to limit your hash tags to 3-4, so that your tweet still holds some relevance to the world.  Focus more on the content of your Tweet and less on the hash tags.

3. Stay On The Topic of Conversation: If you use a hash tag make sure your tweet is related to that tag.  Off topic posts are essentially spam and won’t win you any fans.

4. Don’t Sabotage Your Competitors: Often companies spam their competitors’ conversations trying to diminish that competitors’ value.  This just reduces the value of Twitter for everyone involved.  Stick to the high ground.  If your Twitter strategy can’t deliver value on its own you need to rethink your strategy.

Looking for more information on hash tags?  Check out

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Social Media: Are You Following The Crowd?

Social Media Strategy for HotelsPhilip Calvert posted an interesting article on asking tough questions of businesses.  This the same questions I ask many of our clients:

“Do you have a clear and robust enough Internet strategy that stands up in its own right, or are you just going with the flow?”

Social media is a powerful tool, but like any other marketing tool it must be utilized in the right way for your hotel.  Does your strategy take into account your unique needs? Your customers? Your market? Your brand?  Or, as Philip puts it, are you just “following the crowd”.

To see a positive return from your investment in social media you must carefully choose the platform and strategy that matches your unique needs.  Only then will you be able to drive the meaningful engagement critical to success.

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FourSquare: Bleeding Edge?

Foursquare HotelsLocation based marketing has received significant press recently.  Certainly the opportunities for check-in based websites are attractive for the hospitality industry.  However, before you begin to allocate resources to building your presence on location sites like Foursquare, consider your target market.  For many hotels, location based marketing is bleeding edge.

eMarketer summarized some recent studies of adoption rates of location based services.  These studies found that only 4% to 18% of internet users participate in location sharing services with usage higher among the under 35 demographic.

The studies also found that people had concerns about location sharing websites.  77% of women surveyed by Webroot were concerned about stalking.  How many of these women would like to share with the world where they have decided to stay for the night?

Location based marketing has significant potential for hotels, but a property should evaluate it carefully.  Match your investment of resources with the percentage of your target market participating in the technology.  Also consider privacy when designing promotions to make your customers more comfortable.

Read the full eMarketer article at: