Google Goes Social

Wednesday Google made a significant jump into the social media space with the introduction of their +1 feature. Pronounced “Plus One”, it brings the power of a Facebook like button to search results.

To learn more, watch this short video from Google about the program.


Obviously it is too early to understand the full impact that +1 will have on search.  What we do know is:

1. Anything that Google rolls out in the main search results is a big deal

2. Google is clear, +1 will effect search ranking

Keep an eye out in the coming months for +1 buttons that can be placed on individual web pages.  In the meantime start thinking of strategies to encourage and reward visitors for +1ing your website!

For more information check out this detailed article in Search Engine Land

2 thoughts on “Google Goes Social

  1. Thank you for your opinion. Analysing previous Google activities, I believe that in ideal world +1 feature will improve search relevancy, so for example visitors liked your website and they gave you +1. But I have two rhetorical questions:
    1. If I have done my search, I have browsed to my search result, why do I need to come back to same search query? (so +1 feature need something like open graph protocol).
    2. What will stop Gray and Black hat SEOers to manipulate with +1 same as now everybody doing with FB likes?

    Serge Pon
    SEO Analysis

    • In general I agree with your comments. However,

      1. Google has announced that they are following up with a +1 widgit to place on your website. How similar it will be to Facebook’s open graph will remain to be seen. However, it will allow people to “+1″ a site without going back to the search results.

      2. Because you must be logged in with a Google account, Google has a better ability to monitor and adjust for abuse. Theoretically an account that has a disproportionate amount of +1 activity compared to activity on other sites would see it’s “votes” discounted. The wealth of information that Google has available positions them to weed out manipulation. What they actually do remains to be seen.

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