Google Still Dominates

Hotel Website SEO

comScore released their February search engine rankings validating what most of us already knew:

1. People continue to rely on search.  In February there were more than 15.4 BILLION searches conducted in the US alone.  Consumers continue to turn to the internet when they are looking for information.

2. With 65% of these searches, Google continue to dominate the US search market.  Yahoo remains 2nd with 17% while Bing is third with 13%.

What does this mean for you?  First, search continues to be a major source of traffic, something worth careful attention and investment.  Second, although you don’t want to ignore 35% of searches, Google continues to be the baromoter for search and worth the focus of your efforts.

Looking for search engine optimization for your hotel?  Hotel website SEO is what we do.  Contact us to learn more.

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