7 Ideas to Improve Facebook Posts

Hotel Facebook MarketingIn an interesting article,blogger Brian Solis examined research done by social scientist Dan Zarrella on Facebook posts.  He revealed statistical trends among posts that have been “liked” on Facebook.  Keep these factors in mind and you will improve the engagement and visibility of your Facebook efforts.

1. Write at a 5th grade level or below.  In general, the more complex your writing the less likely it is to be “Liked”

2. Include digits in the title (Top 3 or 7 Ideas).  People respond to titles with numbers in them.

3. Post your best information on Saturday or Sunday.  More Facebook users “Like” items on the weekend.  They may have more time to spend reviewing content or, with workplace restrictions, this may be their best chance to spend time on the site.

4. Include these words in your title: top, first, best  or video.

5. Do NOT include these words in your title: vs, apps, review.

6. Include verbs in your title.  Titles with action perform much better.

7. Be Positive.  Posts with positive sentiment are more likely to be shared.

Keep these easy factors in mind and you will see a better response from your efforts.  For more detail on the research check out Brian’s full article.

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