5 easy steps to staying in the hearts and minds of your customers

Connect and Stay Connected

In this unprecedented time for the hospitality industry Emax Hotel Internet Marketing is encouraging our clients to be proactive in connecting with your guests. As consumers plan their eventual return to business and travel in the post Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) world thoughtful steps taken now can pay huge dividends for building loyalty and brand awareness. 

What should you do?

Here are a few steps you can take to remain relevant to your customers:

  • Use your social media accounts to encourage people to stay healthy and follow accepted Covid-19 prevention guidelines.
  • Share the steps your hotel has taken to adhere to social distancing best practices and any charitable work done related to the current outbreak.
  • Answer any questions your media followers might have quickly and with compassion.
  • Post a notice on your website to keep your guests informed to changes in the property status and facilities updates. If something will be closed or have limited availability the let them know on your website.
  • Update your website content, search engines regularly rank websites and updating the content will give them a reason to return and rescan to your site.

For more tips and to schedule a call to discuss your website please email: mdennis@1emax.com

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