Since 2008 eMax has provided Hotel and Hospitality Management companies web and app solutions to meet their marketing and engagement goals. eMax has worked with over 40 brands, 500 individual hotels and 30+ REITS and Management companies in the US and Central America.

Effective communication is key to a successful project. eMax will communicate progress, share updates, and gather feedback throughout the development process via direct emails, calls, and virtual meetings with the clients primary contact. Our clients can follow along the development process on your projects unique Development Status page. Pending approvals will be listed on this page.

While the timeline is a crucial concern for most development projects its dependent on the nature and intended use of the site. A basic information may take only a few weeks from concept to creation. Whereas a project with specialized needs, unique user interaction / verifications, and specialized localization may take upwards of 6 months. A timeline will be estimated at the discovery phase and communicated at that time based on the scale and scope of the project.

eMax has a wide variety of development platforms on which to build but the most popular is the user friendly platform WordPress. WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet. By leveraging this powerful platform we can provide stable website that is flexible, has a powerful content management system, and allows for plugins that extend functionality.

Our team is also experienced in the popular hosted website builders of Wix, WebFlow, and Framer. Depending on your preference and the needs of your site.

The third option we have depending on the needs of our clients is our most common non-WordPress stack of React or Angular, Node.Js, and HTML/CSS. Using This stack offers maximum flexibility but does increase development time.

Costs can vary based on many variables unique to each project. Since 2008 eMax has found way to maximize our clients return on their development investments.

Each website created by eMax is will mobile first in design. eMax’s own statistics show that greater than 50% of users now access websites exclusively from mobile devices. Because of this eMax spends more time than the average development agency to ensure that the mobile experience is smooth and inviting.

Your website, your content. eMax is committed to developing sites that our clients can edit their own content with minimal instructions. This ease of use is why eMax uses the WordPress platform and its easy to use Content Management System (CMS).

Ongoing support is the most frequently used service that eMax provides. eMax stands behind their builds for the 30 days after launch. If there is an issue eMax will resolve that issue at no cost to the client unless otherwise noted in the agreement. However most of eMax’s clients actually take advantage of the ongoing support. This support includes content updates, limited photo editing, and minor web structure changes at an affordable month charge.

Site maintenance is not strictly limited to eMax created websites. Contact Us for more information on how eMax can help manage your existing website.

Absolutely, eMax offers web hosting on our own dedicated servers with a a small monthly fee. eMax can work with most of the larger hosting services available. Not all shared services are appropriate for all websites however and eMax will be happy to discuss your needs and make a hosting recommendation.

Domain registration is a popular service provided eMax. We can acquire the available domain at your request and at the conclusion of the development transfer it to your account once all applicable fees are paid. If the use of a domain broker is required to negotiate the acquisition of a 3rd party owned domain then an additional fee beyond the domain cost, brokerage fees, and transfers fees will be added.

Our design workflow starts with our clients and their eMax customer success team representative meeting with our design team for the planning phase. This phase is to learn about the client, their needs, target audience, highlevel industry information and available assets. Assets include desired colors, logos, available photos, videos, and other brand content. From this information a we develop the website information hierarchy, the website wireframes for the main pages and the visual design concept.

These tools along with the initial research will be used in the execution steps to ensure that everyone involved in the project — e.g. designers, writers, developers, and SEOs — use the same project framework.

The inclusion of 3rd Party integrations are typically not an issue but they must be presented before the design or development begins. if you know you’d like to include a 3rd party service we encourage that fact to be disclosed during the discovery discussion. Adding 3rd party integrations after design and phase can add tot he cost and delay the development cycle.

Scope changes, additions, or modifications to the project after a project has started will require a reevaluation of the project and projected cost. If the client decides to terminate the project at this time then they will incur the loss of any deposits paid at that time.

SEO is an exhaustive yet simple to understand collection of tasks. eMax is happy to work with the specialized SEO company of your choice. Using a specialized SEO provider the advantage of ongoing and focused strategies to actively drive traffic to your new site. eMax encourages client to work with a SEO agency for a minimum of 6 months to see maximum returns.

SEO involves five main steps: 

  1. Keyword research. Find what people search for.
  2. Content creation. Craft content for searchers.
  3. On-page SEO. Make your content as clear as possible.
  4. Link building. Build trust and authority from other websites.
  5. Technical SEO. Help search engines find, crawl, and index your content efficiently. 

eMax provides basic keyword research and minimal content creation for all sites we create. This basic SEO preparation will provide the baseline for SEO agencies to apply focused strategies for advancement without needing to backtrack and waste client time and money.

Yes! eMax provides basic Zoom based training on site updates for all websites we create.

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