SEO Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization is obtaining the highest possible search results for a search based on your ideal search terms. For example, Hotels in Orlando will provide results for the entire Orlando Area, whereas Hotels in Downtown Orlando provides a significantly better result for the search. Narrowing the search using a string of descriptive keywords offers the best search results. Other examples include “hotels near Seaworld” or “Orlando Convention Center hotels”.

Mobile devices are now responsible for 9 out of 10 searches for local services. It is critical your website is fully responsive to enhance the user experience. Mobile responsive is one of the local search engine optimization tasks.

Our local search engine optimization tasks include:

  • Updating keyword metadata so that your site is more search-engine friendly
  • Consistent display of name , address, and telephone number
  • Content and keyword parity optimization
  • Quarterly review of SEO optimization results
  • Quarterly review mobile SEO optimization results

The old days of setting up and forgetting your website is no longer an option. The websites that produce the best results are actively managed. Using advanced analytical tools provide the critical information to continually tweak both local and on-page SEO. Outsourcing local SEO is very effective

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